US Debt Clock

This number is the real national debt, which accounts for the money our government has promised to spend but does not have.

This out of control debt is the reason you need to structure your retirement so that when you draw income from your savings, it will not be taxed.

How much of your retirement income do you want going toward paying off this debt when you need you hard earned money the most?”

Safer Money Solutions

At Safer Money Solutions, we strongly believe that financial security is determined more by desire and discipline, than by social or economic background. We help our clients understand money. Our company mission statement is: to help Americans become financially independent – Whatever their circumstances and needs are.

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Why We’re Special

Safer Money Solutions emphasizes a “Financial Needs Analysis” plan for success which enables families or individuals to start working toward their financial independence. This plan is based upon an established strategy which can assist people from all demographics, Unlike companies that promote “cookie cutter ” financial services. Safer Money Solution’s 7 Step Plan includes a variety of strategic options centered around a core strategy—making it easy to customize a plan, which if applied properly, can assist in meeting each and every individual financial situation.

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  • “About a year after I became a SMS client, the stock market dipped. I immediately called my agent to ask him how much I had lost. He assured me that I had lost nothing. I was in a safe money vehicle that had a guaranteed principle and that the gains locked in each year. This was validated again when the market plunged in 2008. I didn’t lose a dime and I kept all of the gains I had experienced up to that time.”

    – Steve, UT

  • “I wanted to make sure my family was taken care of if something where to ever happen to me. Safer Money Solutions not only showed me how to do that but made me feel like my family was important to them! Thanks Safer Money Solutions!”

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